Pets – the beloved creatures we allow into our lives to serve as a source of love, comfort and safety. Bringing an animal into your family tends to result in an open invitation to not only your house but your car as well. Between dog parks, vet visits and road trips, your animal is in an out of your vehicle more often than you think, leaving behind a trail of hair that is all but impossible to remove with a simple swipe of the vacuum. Here’s some advice on how to effortlessly get pet hair out of your car.
You will need:
  • Vacuum (either handheld or with a nozzle attachment)
  • Dyer Sheets
  • Lint Roller
  1. Run the vacuum through your car to remove all the loose hair you can. Many vacuums now come with upholstery attachments made specifically for pet hair removal however if yours does not, your nozzle attachment will work just fine.
  2.  After vacuuming, use a dryer sheet to gently rub along any exposed upholstery. This will not only break the static cling keeping the hair stuck to the fabric but also provide a delightful scent that will eliminate any residual pet odor.

  3. Follow up by rolling the lint remover brush over the upholstery until all the hair is removed, tossing roll papers that are no longer sticky as you go. Keep in mind that pet supply stores offer similar hair removal tools that may be worth looking into.
Save yourself some time and top off your clean seats with a towel or canvas seat cover made specifically to fit in your vehicle. They snap onto the head rests between the front and back seats providing a hammock-like shield against pet hair and dirt — much easier to clean and maintain than hair-covered upholstery.
Feel like your car is overdue for a clean-up? Bring it into one of our Car Spa locations and we’ll make sure to take good care of you and your vehicle.