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Car Spa Car Wash Riverdale GA

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm ||  Detail service 8am – 5pm

Every Riverdale car owner wants their automobiles to receive exceptional care to extend its performance, life, and beauty. Car Spa understands that every vehicle needs the first-class maintenance to work at optimal performance.

You can trust our outstanding professionals to care for your vehicle. We go the extra mile to provide a high-end experience for our customers and their automobiles. While you wait in our lobby, we’ll treat you to steaming hot coffee and free WiFi.

This store now offers the Car Spa Car Wash Club with Unlimited Monthly Washes

Riverdale GA Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

Car Spa offers four packages that Riverdale car owners will enjoy.  We offer the following packages:

  • Bronze Package: Our auto service professionals will cleanse your vehicle’s exterior with a pre-soak penetrating spray. Then, we use a soaking spa foam cleanser. Afterward, we’ll treat your car to a five-star soft cloth tunnel wash and finish with a spot-free rinse. Finally, we’ll give your auto an in-tunnel wheel clean, so its spokes are immaculate.
  • Gold Package: If you need additional care for your vehicle, try this premium wash. It comes with everything in the Bronze package plus a triple coat wax. Our dedicated professionals will wash your car’s body, buff the tires, and rinse its underbody. We’ll also prevent rust using chemical inhibitors to protect your car from water, dirt, and other issues.
  • Platinum Package: It comes with everything in the Gold package, plus Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant to keep your car safe from the rain.

To learn about our exterior wash packages, visit this page.

Riverdale GA Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

Car Spa provides full-service car washes that take care of your vehicle inside out. We offer four packages:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

These options include everything mentioned in our exterior packages, plus, we’ll also vacuum, clean windows, and wipe down your car’s interior.  Our facility also has a la carte specials you can customize. For details, visit this page.

Riverdale GA Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 5pm

Do you need special detailing work on your automobile? Car Spa can handle it. We offer several interior and exterior detailing packages for our customers.

  • Express Polish: We’ll provide your vehicle with a high-quality polish that we hand buff to make it shine.
  • Express Carpet Deep Cleanse: You’ll also receive a deep cleanse of your car’s carpeting and mats.
  • Express Seat Treatment: Car Spa will clean seats and condition leather and vinyl ones.
  • Express Interior Super Clean: We’ll clean all interior vents and crevices with compressed air. Our employees will also clean the dash, console, and door panels.

Car Spa offers a la carte options. For details, visit this page.

Riverdale GA Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

Car Spa has several lube and oil change services that we perform in 15 minutes or less. We have many lube packages to fit your needs. Some of them include:

  • Spa Supreme
  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic Blend

Our professionals will fill your car with either supreme, high mileage, or synthetic blend oils. Learn more about our lube services here.

Riverdale GA Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

The state of Georgia requires emissions testing for 13 metro Atlanta counties, including Clayton County, before motorists can complete their vehicle registration. Car Spa can conduct this exam for you. Visit this page for details.

We’re willing to provide you outstanding automobile care at Car Spa. For more information about our services, contact us today.

Riverdale GA Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm



Car Spa has convenient options through our Fleet and House Account Programs, and our customers can also earn free car washes with our Splashback Rewards Card program.




Are you a friendly person who loves working closely with automobiles and the general public? We have several fun professional career paths that may be right for you, so apply today to join our team.


Auto Car Detailing for Riverdale, GA, Residents

Car Spa’s professionals can also perform detailing work on your automobile. Customers can select one of many packages for auto car detailing in Riverdale, GA.

  • Express Polish: We’ll use a premium polish that we’ll hand buff to make it shine.
  • Express Carpet Deep Cleanse: We’ll vacuum and shampoo your carpets and mats.
  • Express Seat Treatment: Our professionals will clean your seats and condition leather and vinyl.
  • Express Interior Super Clean: We’ll use compressed air to remove dust and musty air inside your car. Our team will also clean the door panels, dashboard, and console.


They are doing a fantastic job on my car which is in need of some major TLC. My busy lifestyle causes me to neglect getting a good car wash. When I saw just the exterior wash, it looked like a brand new car. I fell in love with my vehicle again.

Elon Bomani / Riverdale GA

Best Spot In Riverdale to Get your Car Cleaned!! And the people are very nice!! And satisfactory service all the time!!

Robert Wade / Riverdale GA

Great staff! I’ve been coming here for years and never had bad experience.

Dwayne Harris / Riverdale GA

Very good clean and safe place with plenty of great people they really know their business.

Larry Hill / Riverdale GA

Great car wash service and more. They do allow pets in the lobby which is a big plus for me. The staff is friendly, and they help whenever they can. The also have reasonable wait times for whatever service you ate requesting.

Keekee Kyrie / Riverdale GA

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