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3282 Holland Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Holland & Lynnhaven Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm
              Detail services | 8am – 5pm

Every car deserves a professional wash and outstanding service to help it look great and run well on the road. Car Spa understands that Holland and Lynnhaven auto owners prefer top-notch care, professional maintenance, and blue-ribbon support for their vehicles. 

You can trust Car Spa to provide amazing washes and lube services for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Also, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and complimentary Wi-Fi while you wait for your vehicle.

Please visit our Car Spa location at 3282 Holland Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23453, or call us at (757) 368-2732. We look forward to seeing you there.

Holland & Lynnhaven Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

Our Full-Service Washes includes the following four packages:

  • Silver: This package includes a pre-soak penetrating spray, foam cleaner, a soft cloth tunnel wash, and an in-tunnel wheel clean. Also, the package includes a spot-free rinse. To make your car shine, we’ll apply a nice foam polish and clear coat wax. Last but not least, we will then complete the service with interior cleaning that includes vacuuming, window washing, dashboard dusting, tire shining, and an air freshener to go.
  • Gold: This includes the Silver Package plus a triple coat wax and an underbody rinse with rust protection.
  • Platinum: Enjoy the Gold Package plus Rain X Complete Surface Protectant.
  • Platinum Plus: This includes the value of the Platinum packages and Spa Carnauba Wax.

Holland & Lynnhaven Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

Car Spa’s professional team offers four packages that will have your ride looking shiny and sparkling.

  • Bronze: Our auto service experts will pamper your car’s exterior using a pre-soak penetrating spray. Afterward, we’ll use a gentle soaking spray foam cleanser to remove any dust buildup from your car’s exterior. Then, your vehicle will get a premier soft cloth tunnel wash and a spot-free rinse. Finally, our in-tunnel wheel clean will make your car’s hubcaps sparkle.
  • Gold: Take your Car Spa experience to the next level with this premiere package. This regal package includes everything in the Bronze one, plus our extraordinary triple coat wax. Our expert team will clean your car’s body, buff its tires, and rinse the underbelly. We’ll also apply chemical inhibitors to protect your car from harsh elements that can damage it.
  • Platinum: It has all of the Gold package’s outstanding amenities. Your car also receives a Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant to keep your car safe from Virginia’s rains.
  • Platinum Plus: This bundle includes everything from the Platinum Package, as well as Car Spa’s signature Spa Carnauba wax.

To learn more about our exterior washes, visit this page.

Holland & Lynnhaven Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 5pm

Car Spa has magnificent detail services for your car. They include the following packages:

  • Express Polish: Our car care experts will give your automobile a fabulous, high-quality polish that we’ll hand buff to perfection.
  • Express Seat Treatment: Car Spa will take great care of your seats so they look their very best. We’ll carefully wash each one. Additionally, our dedicated team will condition vinyl and leather seats.
  • Express Carpet Deep Cleanse: We’ll shampoo your floors and mats to ensure they’re immaculate.
  • Express Interior Super Clean: Car Spa will use compressed air to clean all vents and crevices. We’ll also wipe down your dash, console, and door panels.

Car Spa also offers fantastic a la carte options. If you want to learn more details, then visit this page.

Holland & Lynnhaven Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

The Car Spa team can perform lube services in 15 minutes or less. We have many lube packages that will keep your automobile running like a dream. These include:

  • Spa Supreme
  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic Blend

Our professionals will fill up your vehicle with either supreme, high mileage, or synthetic blend oils. Learn more about our lube services here.

Car Spa will go the extra mile for your auto. We’ll provide outstanding service and premium care for your vehicle. For more information about our services, contact us today.

Holland & Lynnhaven Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

Holland & Lynnhaven Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm
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Car Spa has convenient options through our Fleet and House Account Programs, and our customers can also earn free car washes with our Splashback Rewards Card program.




Are you a friendly person who loves working closely with automobiles and the general public? We have several fun professional career paths that may be right for you, so apply today to join our team.


Quality Auto Care Maintenance Centers

Car Spa is dedicated to cleaning your city one vehicle at a time. You will not just receive a great auto wash, but a premium experience at our car care maintenance centers. At our car care maintenance centers, we’ll take care of your car and/or truck inside and out.

We have 16 car care supercenters across the nation that offer a variety of our car wash, lube center, and emissions testing services. Our high-end vehicle services are built to protect cars from dirt, the elements, and daily wear. While our car care professionals take care of your vehicle, you’re welcome to relax with a cup of coffee in our comfortable lobby.



If you love a nice looking car than you will love this place. They are always fast and very knowledgeable about how to keep your car looking nice and new. Great customer service and never a wait. I definitely recommend this place.

Kimberly Tatom / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

My car looks absolutely stunning, it looks brand new. The amount of time they take is definitely worth the wait when you see the final outcome. The staff was so friendly and nice I love my car it’s so clean it shines.

Lizzeth Mijares / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

Great customer service. Good results. I do car wash and oil change both at this location. They do a good job.

Kelly Byrne / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

Got my vehicle detailed here. They cleaned out the car very well, all cracks and crevasses are good as new and the leather feels/smells fresh again. Very pleased with cost and service.

Joe Baumann / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

Great staff and amazing results I love getting my car washed here they do so good it really is worth every penny and very affordable.

John Povilonis / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

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