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Jacksonville FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm
              Detail Services | 8am – 5pm

Every car needs a professional spa treatment to help it run well and look fantastic. If you’re a Jacksonville resident near Atlantic and Monument, then you have quick access to a trusted team that will deliver great customer service and fantastic professional support to keep your vehicles running smoothly.

Car Spa has outstanding experts that can take care of your automobile. We also make sure that every customer enjoys a premier experience from the time they enter our facility.

Our team will treat your car to stellar service. While you wait, you can enjoy a fresh cup of hot coffee and free Wi-Fi inside our comfortable lobby.  This full-service store also offers the Car Spa Car Wash Club and Unlimited Monthly Washes.

Jacksonville FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

Does your automobile need an expert touch to make it sparkle? If so, then Car Spa has you covered. We have four exterior wash packages for Jacksonville automobile owners that leave their cars looking amazing:

  • Bronze: Our car wash professionals will loosen up dirt using a pre-soak penetrating spray. We’ll follow up with a gentle, soaking spa foam cleaner to remove any residual grime. Then, your car will receive our gentle, spa-soft cloth tunnel wash and spot-free rinse to make sure it’s immaculate. Finally, we’ll give your car’s wheels an in-tunnel wheel cleaner to polish them. 
  • Gold: This package has all Bronze Package services. It also includes a foam polish wax, triple coat wax, and tire shine. We’ll rinse away all debris from your car’s underbelly and protect it from rust. 
  • Platinum: Our team will perform all of the services from the Gold Package and finish with a Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant to protect your car from Florida’s stormy weather. 
  • Platinum Plus: This bundle is our best value. It includes all the services from the Platinum Package, plus our signature Spa Carnauba Wax.

Visit this page to learn more about our exterior wash packages.

Jacksonville FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

You’ll receive first-rate customer service with a smile from Car Spa. We offer old-fashioned, full-service car washes with a modern touch.

  • Silver: This expert package comes with a pre-soak penetrating spray followed by our soft cloth tunnel wash to get your car super clean. Afterward, we’ll give it a spot-free wash and tire clean to make it shine. Our team will then place a foam polish and clear coat wax to protect your car for the elements. Then, we’ll vacuum your car’s floors, clean your windows, and wipe your dash. We’ll finish by leaving an air freshener to ensure your car smells nice.
  • Gold: You’ll receive every amenity offered in the Silver Package. Your car will also receive a triple coat wax, underbody rinse, and rust inhibitor.
  • Platinum: This sleek bundle has all the services from the Gold Package, plus a Rain X Surface Protectant.
  • Platinum Plus: It includes all options from the Platinum Package, plus our magnificent Spa Carnauba wax.

Visit this page to learn more.

Jacksonville FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm
              Detail Services | 8am – 5pm

Does your car need five-star detailing work? Car Spa can take care of it. You can choose any of our interior and exterior detailing packages.

  • Express Polish: The Car Spa team will apply a high-quality polish, then hand-buff it until it shines. 
  • Express Carpet Deep Cleanse: Our auto experts will shampoo your carpets and mats.
  • Express Seat Treatment: We’ll shampoo your seats. This service also includes conditioning or cleaning treatments for leather and vinyl seats.
  • Express Interior Super Clean: We’ll blow out all vents and crevices with compressed air. Then, we’ll clean and condition your car’s dash, consoles, and door panels.

Car Spa also offers a la carte packages for customers. Learn more information about our detail services.

Jacksonville FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

Car Spa offers Exxon fuel as a service. Also, if you pay for your car wash at the pump, you can earn a discount on our wash services.

Jacksonville FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

Car Spa offers lube and oil change services that we perform in 15 minutes or less. We have many lube packages to fit your automobile’s needs. Some of them include:

  • Spa Supreme
  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic Blend

Learn more about our lube services.

Do you want more? You can join our Car Wash Club with Unlimited Monthly Washes to regularly maintain your automobile. If you want more information about our Car Spa location, then contact us here.

Jacksonville FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm

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Jacksonville FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 6pm
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Car Spa has convenient options through our Fleet and House Account Programs, and our customers can also earn free car washes with our Splashback Rewards Card program.




Are you a friendly person who loves working closely with automobiles and the general public? We have several fun professional career paths that may be right for you, so apply today to join our team.


Quality Auto Care Maintenance Centers

Car Spa is dedicated to cleaning your city one vehicle at a time. You will not just receive a great auto wash, but a premium experience at our car care maintenance centers. At our car care maintenance centers, we’ll take care of your car and/or truck inside and out.

We have 16 car care supercenters across the nation that offer a variety of our car wash, lube center, and emissions testing services. Our high-end vehicle services are built to protect cars from dirt, the elements, and daily wear. While our car care professionals take care of your vehicle, you’re welcome to relax with a cup of coffee in our comfortable lobby.



They really went out of their way for me. I am disabled and they helped me in every possible way and ways I didn’t think were possible. Great place to get your car washed and the inside done very nicely.

Cindie E / Jacksonville FL

I have been coming here for about 15 years. At least once a week. My ride is always sharp looking.

Laure Dockery Keen / Jacksonville FL

I have the unlimited gold plan and they always do a great job. Friendly and efficient, I don’t know what else to say.

Brad Ring / Jacksonville FL

Car Spa brought my car back to life. I got my car detailed here, and they did a fantastic job. My car looked nearly new. While I waited, I was able to relax in a comfortable lounge where you can buy snacks and wait on your car.

Tekia Hamilton / Jacksonville FL

Great place with great service and friendly staff, supervisors and management. I have the unlimited monthly plan so I am there all the time. Always happy with the results! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Mitch Cast / Jacksonville FL

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