How Do We Perform a 10-Minute Oil Change?

Welcome to the Car Spa Oil Change Center. You can find a nearby store that offers 10 minute oil change at

What’s included in our 10-minute oil change?
To ensure the efficiency and quality of an oil change, we proudly offer top brands such as Mobile 1 and Havoline products provided by Chevron. If you are not sure what type of oil you need for your vehicle, our certified oil change technician will guide you and discuss the differences among various types of oil with you. Every oil change comes with the following services:

  • Replace oil filter
  • Check and inflate tires
  • Check air filtration system
  • Check and top off power steering fluid, radiator fluid, and windshield washer

How do we perform an oil change within 10 minutes?
No appointment is needed for our 10-minute oil change. How do we do it so fast? When you arrive at our oil center, our friendly oil change technicians will be notified immediately and guide you into one of our oil change bays, where technicians are able to work simultaneously above and below your vehicle. The pit technician drains the vehicle’s old oil and installs a new oil filter. Meanwhile, the hood technician checks and top off the fluids of your vehicle and fill up the oil to a good level and show you the dipstick.

All oil change services come with a free exterior car wash.
Unlike other oil change facilities, Car Spa oil change center offers a free exterior car wash with any oil change purchased. In addition, hand towel dry is offered at our full-service locations, and free vacuum is offered at our exterior-only locations. Every Car Spa customer drives away with a shiny car.

All unlimited wash members get 20% off any oil change services.
On top of our extremely competitive pricing for oil change, all unlimited car wash members enjoy an extra 20% off any oil change services, including all types of oil, fuel system cleaner, battery cleaning, engine air filter and cabin air filter replacement, etc.