Cerabond – The Most Powerful 1-Step Ceramic Coating in Your Car Wash

What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer that bonds to a car’s surface to create an added layer of protection. When periodically applied to your vehicle surface, the ceramic molecules interlock on the surface of the paint, providing a bond that reduces friction quickly, sheds water, and exhibits premium luster and protection.

Does ceramic coating really work?

Yes, it does.

  1. A ceramic coating provides superior hydrophobic water repellency and a longer-lasting shine.
  2. It protects the paintwork from UV rays and harsh sunlight that can make your paint fade and become dull.
  3. The durable shield formed by ceramic molecules is also resistant to acid rain, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, road salt, and other contaminants.

Cerabond is the most powerful 1-step ceramic process included in the Platinum exterior wash at Car Spa. Based on results from a double blind independent third-party test, Cerabond provides the best overall scratch-resistance and durability performance among in-tunnel exterior car washes ceramic coating applications.

Top questions from our customers:

  • Is it really more durable? YES!
  • Does the shine last longer? YES!
  • Is it easier to wash bugs off? YES!

We guarantee that Cerabond ceramic coating is worth every penny of the Platinum exterior wash you pay for. What’s more, Cerabond ceramic coating is not the only awesome component in the Platinum wash. It perfectly incorporates carnauba wax, triple foam polish wax, and clear coat wax in our Platinum wash. You will surely be happy with the high gloss, great protection, and lasting shine.

Look no further than Car Spa to find the best ceramic coating for your car wash. What’s even better? Become an Unlimited Platinum Member and treat your vehicle with a ceramic coating as often as you want at a low monthly cost.

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Thank you for reading. See you soon!