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Car Spa’s Car Wash in Garland, TX

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 7pm

Have you been searching for a high-quality car care center in Garland, TX? Looking to find a place that will care for your vehicle as much as you do? Well, Car Spa’s car wash right here in Garland, TX, is exactly what your car or truck needs!

Car Spa’s Garland, TX, car wash has all the premium car washing services you’ve been looking for. From express car wash options to state inspection & emissions services, Car Spa provides the all-around vehicle care you need to keep your car or truck running and looking its best. With our car wash club plans, you can always swing by and get high-quality washing to keep those wheels looking impeccable.

If you’re a business owner, we’ve got you covered too! With fleet & house account availability, you can receive car washes for your commercial vehicles in Garland, TX.

No matter what you drive or how many cars you own, Car Spa’s car wash in Garland, TX, has the services everyone needs to keep their transportation in excellent condition.

Garland TX Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 7pm

Car Spa offers the following four Exterior Packages, each designed to get you in and out quickly because we value your time and respect your schedule. Our packages include our:

  • Bronze Exterior: It starts with a pre-soak penetrating spray to loosen road film and bug residue, then on to a spa foam cleaner to remove dirt and reduce spots and streaks, then into the tunnel for a soft cloth wash and wheel cleaner, and finally a spot-free rinse.
  • Gold Exterior: Includes the Bronze Package, and adds a foam polish wax, a triple coat wax, tire shine, and an underbody rinse with a rust inhibitor to protect your car from corrosion and remove dirt and salt deposits.
  • Platinum Exterior: Has all the services of the Gold Package. It also includes the Rain X Complete surface protectant to repel rain, sleet, and snow and enhance windshield visibility.

Garland TX Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 7pm

All Texas motorists are required to have their vehicles inspected each year, and Car Spa handles that as a top priority.  Let us help you keep your vehicle up to date and ensure that it is functioning correctly as per Texas state requirements.

To find out more about Car Spa and the services we offer, please contact us. While you’re here, don’t forget to ask about the monthly specials.

We look forward to assisting you with your car care needs.

Garland TX Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 7pm



Car Spa has convenient options through our Fleet and House Account Programs, and our customers can also earn free car washes with our Splashback Rewards Card program.




Are you a friendly person who loves working closely with automobiles and the general public? We have several fun professional career paths that may be right for you, so apply today to join our team.


Car Wash Services in Garland, TX

Car Spa’s car wash locations in Garland, TX, offer a wide range of services to help keep your vehicle incredibly clean. These services include:

Wax and protectant services: We offer several waxing services at our open car wash that will keep your ride protected against the elements and road grime. From foam polish waxing to triple coat wax services, your car or truck won’t only shine but will have layers of armor against dirt.

Wheel cleaning and polishing services: Vehicle rims are an essential part of your ride. Yet, with their proximity to the road, wheels can get very dirty and require special attention when it comes to cleaning. Car Spa’s car washes in Garland, TX, provide wheel cleaning and polishing services to keep those rims looking like they were just bought!

State Emissions Testing Available Now in Garland, TX

Car Spa’s car care centers aren’t just for car washes in Garland, TX; we also offer state inspections and emissions testing for all types of vehicles. You can ensure your car or truck meets Texas state inspection requirements and emissions standards. That way, your ride is completely safe and legal when on the road.

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Pamper Your Ride at Car Spa’s Garland, TX Car Wash

As one of the leading exterior car wash services in the country, Car Spa has the cleaning experience and tools to ensure everyone’s ride looks its best when on the road. We also offer car washing plans like unlimited car washes club that give you the chance to always keep your car clean no matter the time of year!

Remember, we offer commercial vehicle and car washes in Garland, TX as well. If you have a business that runs a fleet of cars or trucks, check us out and impress your competition and customers with a fleet of showroom condition vehicles fresh from one of our open car wash locations!

Come in today and experience the difference of a Car Spa’s car washes in Garland, TX. We’re sure you’ll be happy with our facilities and services. While we pamper your ride, you can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy free Wi-Fi in our waiting area.


Love this car wash. Great machines and the vacuums are always working at 110%. One nice touch is that they have drying towels. I LOVE THAT!

Raul Machuca / Garland TX

This car wash is the best in town in my opinion. They have a monthly wash subscription option, free vacuums, and microfiber towels to help you dry up the small amount of water that remains after driving through the dryers.

Melissa Allison / Garland TX

You really can’t beat this car wash or their prices. Your car is always sparkling clean for under 10 dollars. In addition to that they have free vacuums.

Susan Carpenter / Garland TX

Monthly plans that give you more washes for your money, free vacuuming and glass cleaning. Man I love this place!

Margie Herndon / Garland TX

I love this place. Quick service, great wash and a whole lot of spots to use free vacuums afterwards- there’s also a gas station with an air pump next door, -plus- they do state inspections.

Sarah Masoner / Garland TX

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