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Car Spa’s Car Wash in Orange Park, FL

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 7pm

Looking for a high-quality car wash in Orange Park, FL? Trying to get that perfect shine for your vehicle at an affordable price? If so, we have the solution for you! Car Spa’s car wash in Orange Park, FL, provides a wide range of washing and detailing services that will set your car or truck apart from everyone else on the road.

Our open car wash in Orange Park, FL, offers premium car washing services to customers looking to keep their rides in showroom condition. We provide a variety of car care services to not only clean your car but also protect it from the elements and harsh road conditions. We also have a car wash club plan, so you can always swing by and have your vehicle looking its best with unlimited car washes!

Businesses can also benefit from Car Spa’s car wash in Orange Park, FL. We offer fleet and house accounts that will enable you to stay a step ahead of your competition. If you run a fleet of commercial vehicles, make sure to give us a call to learn more about our commercial vehicle car wash plans in Orange Park, FL.

Whether you own one car or a fleet of commercial vehicles, Car Spa can keep your transportation in excellent condition, looking just like the day it rolled off the showroom floor!

Orange Park FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 7pm

Car Spa offers the following four Exterior Packages, each designed to get you in and out quickly. We value your time and respect your schedule. Our packages include:

  • Bronze Exterior: It starts with a pre-soak penetrating spray to loosen road film and bug residue, then on to a spa foam cleaner to remove dirt and reduce spots and streaks, then into the tunnel for a soft cloth wash and wheel cleaner, and finally a spot-free rinse.
  • Gold Exterior: This package includes the Bronze Package. It also adds a foam polish wax, a triple coat wax, tire shine, and an underbody rinse with a rust inhibitor. These extra steps protect your car from corrosion. They also remove dirt and salt deposits.
  • Platinum Exterior: This package has all the services of the Gold Package. It also includes a Rain X Complete surface protectant treatment to repel rain, sleet, and snow. It enhances windshield visibility, too.

If you want to find out more about Car Spa and the services we offer, then please contact us.  Also, be sure to inquire about our Car Spa Car Wash Club program that provides more value and unlimited car washes each month to members.  We look forward to assisting you with your car care needs.

Orange Park FL Car Wash

OPEN – 7 Days a week | 8am – 7pm

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Car Spa has convenient options through our Fleet and House Account Programs, and our customers can also earn free car washes with our Splashback Rewards Card program.




Are you a friendly person who loves working closely with automobiles and the general public? We have several fun professional career paths that may be right for you, so apply today to join our team.


Express Car Wash Available in Orange Park, FL

Car Spa’s express car wash in Orange Park, FL, offers a variety of services intended to help you maintain your vehicle. Some of the services available now at our open car wash include:

Wax and protectant services: Car Spa provides several options that will keep your car protected against road grime and the elements. Triple coat wax services and foam polish waxing create a layer of armor for your vehicle keeping your paint thoroughly protected.

Wheel cleaning and polishing services: Your car or truck rims make a statement when on the road. Yet, being the closest part of your vehicle to the highway, they can get really dirty, really fast. Our exterior wash packages come with in tunnel wheel cleaners to make sure your vehicle is clean from hood to wheels.

Pamper Your Ride at Car Spa’s Orange Park, FL Car Wash!

As one of the premier locations for exterior car wash services, Car Spa has the cleaning experience and equipment you need to keep your ride looking its best. We also offer car washing plans through our car wash club that give our customers the freedom to get their car or truck cleaned anytime at an affordable price!

Remember, our location also has a commercial vehicle car wash for businesses looking to make a good impression with clean fleet vehicles. 

Come in today and get your car looking like new at Car Spa’s car wash in Orange Park, FL.


I LOVE this car wash! BEST car wash in the area! Very polite and efficient young workers especially Mr. Bashan ! He’s my favorite employee at the car wash and he always goes above and beyond his expectations at the wash. Would MOST definitely suggest he get a raise 😉 if y’all want y’all car washed for cheap go to car spa I 100% recommend.

Alexis P / Orange Park FL

Best place I have used. Car looks amazing. Take advantage of free vacuums and towels to get your vehicle sparkling.

Nik M / Orange Park FL

I can’t express my gratitude or thankfulness enough for the employee named Joey and the manager named Kari. Joey went extremely above and beyond to scrub my car in specific detail. These things do not get overlooked by me because I am a person of detail.

James N / Orange Park FL

I love this Wash, was going to the full service ones or the self service and spending way too much $. This wash is a mixture of the both. Decided to give them a try, n love, love, love, them

Shelby F / Orange Park FL

I really like the way this car wash cleans my vehicle. The people really care there. And I also noticed as I’m going through the car wash the inside looks really clean too

Dorothy Young / Orange Park FL

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