Car Spa’s Express Lube keeps you rolling. Basic Lube Services are normally performed in 15 minutes or less. We offer the name brand products you want and the service you expect. No appointment necessary.

Car Spa’s Oil Change Services

Car Spa’s Express Lube keeps you rolling. Basic Lube Services are normally performed in 15 minutes or less. We offer the name-brand products you want and the service you expect. No appointment is necessary.

There’s an old saying that many fathers would relate to their sons before handing them the keys to their first car: “You can run the car without gas, but don’t ever run it without oil.”

Without a doubt, making sure to lubricate your car engine is a vital part of staying on the road, whether you’re driving in Jacksonville, FL, or Midtown Houston, TX. Nowadays, it’s hard to fit even a vehicle oil change and inspection into an already jam-packed schedule.

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That’s why Car Spa’s Oil Change and Express Lube Services can come to the rescue with our no-appointment oil change! We offer a wide range of lube services for trucks and cars to keep your vehicle’s engine healthy. Also, we help get you back on the road in no time at all, no matter if you ride and reside in Marietta, GA, or Plano, TX. Our Basic Lube Services are normally performed in 15 minutes or less. No appointment for an oil change is necessary. Just drop in anytime for quick vehicle oil changes! We offer the brand names you trust and provide you with fast, instant drive through oil change services that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Each of our lube services for trucks comes with a free Bronze exterior wash, which ensures that your car not only runs its best but also looks its best. Our Basic Lube Services include the following options:

Spa Supreme Oil Change

Car Spa’s base full-service oil change service ensures that your vehicle continues to perform at a high level. As part of the Spa Supreme Oil Change package, we don’t just offer an oil filter change. We also check (and refill as needed) your car’s other essential fluids to keep your drive smooth and trouble-free on the roads of Webster, TX, and Virginia Beach, VA, alike.

Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Our special synthetic blend oil change can reduce damaging oil buildup. It also revitalizes and strengthens seals and gaskets and even improves fuel economy.

Sometimes, a car engine just needs a good cleaning on the inside. This package includes dual storage fuel system cleaning. It also features the application of an internal engine cleaner to remove any harmful contaminants.

Full Synthetic Lube Service and Instant Oil Change Service

Our full synthetic lube service helps lubricate your car engine so it can start more easily in cold weather. Also, it provides exceptional protection against both oxidation and wear and tear, allowing your vehicle to enjoy a longer engine life.

The Mobil 1 oil we offer contains fewer impurities and has high stability under extreme temperature conditions. Additionally, it prevents wear and tear in severe driving conditions such as high or low temps, dust, long idle times, and stop-n-go traffic.

Take that extra step to provide your vehicle with the benefit of our full-service oil change and fuel system cleaning to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently along the highway of Farmers Branch, TX, and numerous other locations.

Car Spa’s Locations to Get an Oil Change

Since Car Spa is a full-service oil change company, there are many places to get an oil change and fuel system cleaning across the country. Here are just a few of the locations where you can expect 15-minute drive through oil change services:

Car Spa’s Oil Change Locations in Texas

  • Farmers Branch
  • Houston
  • Midtown Houston
  • Plano
  • Webster

Car Spa’s Oil Change Locations in Florida

  • Jacksonville

Car Spa’s Oil Change Locations in Virginia

  • Virginia Beach

Car Spa’s Oil Change Locations in Georgia

  • Marietta
  • Riverdale

More Than an Oil Change and Inspection Company

Whether you need a car wash or oil change, Car Spa has you covered! Our oil change company provides many other services outside of our 15-minute oil changes to drivers in Riverdale, GA, Webster, TX, and other locations! Here are some of the other features we offer that can assist your vehicular needs:

If you ever need a car wash, oil change, or other service related to the wellbeing of your car or truck, contact Car Spa today to learn how we can help you with our quick oil filter changes and other services!

SPA SUPREME – $39.99

Our base oil change service ensures that your vehicle continues to perform at a high level. As part of this package, we don’t only change your oil and filter. We also check (and refill as needed) your car’s other essential fluids to keep your drive smooth and trouble-free.


Our special synthetic oil blend can reduce damaging oil buildup. It also revitalizes and strengthens seals and gaskets, and it even improves fuel economy.

FULL SYNTHETIC – starting at $74.99

Our full synthetic lube service helps your vehicle’s engine to start better in cold weather. Also, it provides exceptional protection against both oxidation and wear and tear. Your car can enjoy a longer engine life.

Mobil 1 $89.99

Our Mobil 1 contains fewer impurities and has high stability under extreme temperature conditions. Additionally, it prevents wear and tear in severe driving conditions such as high or low temps, dust, long idle times and stop-n-go traffic

Besides our base oil change services listed above, we also offer additional services. These services include:


Sometimes, a car engine just needs a good cleaning on the inside. This package includes dual storage fuel system cleaning. It also features the application of an internal engine cleaner to remove any harmful contaminants..


Take that extra step to provide your vehicle withe the benefit of our Spa Supreme Oil Change along with our Spa Performance Package to keep your car running clean and smooth.

Full List of Services

Click here for  our full menu of services

If you’d like to learn more about our premium lube services, then reach out to us at Car Spa today.


Awesome place! The staff is super friendly and took good care me! The prices are reasonable and most importantly my car looks amazing!

Christy Werner / Allen TX

Always a great experience when I come here! Definitely recommend the monthly plan. I wash my truck at the Plano location at least twice a week most weeks.

Sage Delsol / Plano TX

Great service! Went in for a state inspection and was in and out in 10 minutes. All the staff were friendly!

Aimon Allouache / Midtown Houston TX

Great experience. I will DEFINITELY be returning!!! Everyone was nice and friendly.

Jennifer Hostios Smith / Roswell GA

My car looks better than ever! Staff courteous and respectful, professional.

Kim Hildebrandt / Norco CA

Great Experience at this location, both employees working were very kind and helpful! They did an Awesome job making sure to scrub all the hard to reach spots before going through the wash as well.

Mechelle Jordan / Northampton VA

I love this place. Quick service, great wash and a whole lot of spots to use free vacuums afterwards- there’s also a gas station with an air pump next door, -plus- they do state inspections.

Sarah Masoner / Garland TX

The experience was excellent, I needed a convenient place for an oil change due to my work schedule and this place made it so easy, I dropped it off and when I went to pick it up it was all ready, everyone I interacted with was very friendly.

M Garza / Webster TX

Cleaned the interior of my Jeep really well and helped eliminate the throw up odor from the night before. There were a lot of cars there but they work efficiently and got it out in an hour, 30 minutes earlier than the estimated time. Will use them again if needing a good detail or another incident happens!

Cameron Stone / Farmers Branch TX

Fast and friendly service, plus a free car wash with vehicle safety inspection!

Romilly Baicoianu / Midtown Houston TX

They really went out of their way for me. I am disabled and they helped me in every possible way and ways I didn’t think were possible. Great place to get your car washed and the inside done very nicely.

Cindie E / Jacksonville FL

WOW – What an amazing job they did for a $20 car wash. I purchase the Full Service Silver wash and was not disappointed. My Tahoe came out looking cleaner than ever. The best part was I arrived at 6:35, just 25 minutes before they closed and was out by 6:45. I will definitely be back as they have won my business.

Evan / Dallas TX

I really like the way this car wash cleans my vehicle. The people really care there. And I also noticed as I’m going through the car wash the inside looks really clean too

Dorothy Young / Orange Park FL

I have the unlimited gold plan and they always do a great job. Friendly and efficient, I don’t know what else to say.

Brad Ring / Jacksonville FL

They did a great job on both my truck and my husband’s truck. We always get the Express Polish and I’ve always been happy with it.

Steffani / Houston TX

My experience at Car Spa was excellent. The customer service is unmatched.

Mark Davis II / Marietta GA

They always do a really great job, particularly if you get a detailing package. I am a rideshare driver so keeping car clean is super important.

Sam Goerdel / Dallas TX

First time visiting. Excellent customer service. Great price! Great work! Had exterior and interior work done. Very satisfied.

Tima Shpilker / Norco CA

Great experience. Rafic took good care of my car. Worth going to this place for giving a fresh and new look to the car. I have been here several times – they never disappoint you.

Amit Modi / Allen TX

I really like this place. It’s the only place I’ve found that doesn’t add things to fix when I take it in for inspection. The waiting area is large and has multiple seating areas, and it’s super clean.

Morgan Milton / Plano TX

Always fast service and decent pricing. Waiting room is also quite nice.

Christopher Upchurch / Midtown Houston TX

Great management and staff! They go above and beyond to offer customers a wonderful service! I highly recommend this car wash.

Todd Howell / Northampton VA

Best Spot In Riverdale to Get your Car Cleaned!! And the people are very nice!! And satisfactory service all the time!!

Robert Wade / Riverdale GA

These guys are great! I had a few marks on my car and they buffed them out and made my car look great! Service was wonderful and the guys were so nice! Highly recommend

Laura Gibson / Plano TX

Love the car spa! They are always ready to help with a smile on their face – every single person I’ve interacted with is so friendly. And their work is meticulous!

Andrea Crum / Allen TX

Car Spa is consistently exceptional. I joined the club membership 2 years ago and continue to be pleased. Any issue that I’ve every experienced has been addressed on the spot with no hassle. I highly recommend the services and personnel of Car Spa!

Oz Lindley / Marietta GA

I love this Wash, was going to the full service ones or the self service and spending way too much $. This wash is a mixture of the both. Decided to give them a try, n love, love, love, them

Shelby F / Orange Park FL

Great place, great service and great atmosphere. I got 4 cars membership with them. They take a great care of my family cars. Ratic the manager always goes above and beyond to make sure the cars are cleaned to the T. Keep up the good work and thank u for keeping my cars clean and shinny.

Rami Jen / Allen TX

Great staff! I’ve been coming here for years and never had bad experience.

Dwayne Harris / Riverdale GA

Staff is extremely professional, courteous, helpful, and pleasant! The service is outstanding. I will definitely return.

Jeanne Trapp / Norco CA

I can’t express my gratitude or thankfulness enough for the employee named Joey and the manager named Kari. Joey went extremely above and beyond to scrub my car in specific detail. These things do not get overlooked by me because I am a person of detail.

James N / Orange Park FL

You really can’t beat this car wash or their prices. Your car is always sparkling clean for under 10 dollars. In addition to that they have free vacuums.

Susan Carpenter / Garland TX

Friendly and fast service. They do a great job cleaning the car. They also have Conoco gas station so you can get you car gassed up and cleaned at the same spot. Friendly staff members. Clean waiting room and clean restrooms as well.

Stephanie Kae / Midtown Houston TX

Always a great experience when I get my car washed. The employees always make me feel welcome and make sure my car looks great when I pull away.

Sonja Budding / Roswell GA

Simply Amazing! As soon as you drive in you are treated with a welcoming smile by all the employees. As I was visiting from Canada I had to return the car with a detailed wash and trust me this was the place. I recommend this place. The car was shining like a brand new. I was impressed with interior detailing, All the pockets everything was like brand new and polished.

Aman karoValia / Webster TX

This car wash is the best in town in my opinion. They have a monthly wash subscription option, free vacuums, and microfiber towels to help you dry up the small amount of water that remains after driving through the dryers.

Melissa Allison / Garland TX

Best place I have used. Car looks amazing. Take advantage of free vacuums and towels to get your vehicle sparkling.

Nik M / Orange Park FL

They did a great job of shampooing the interior. The exterior looks even better!! 5 Stars!!!

Nelson Lin / Dallas TX

I LOVE this car wash! BEST car wash in the area! Very polite and efficient young workers especially Mr. Bashan ! He’s my favorite employee at the car wash and he always goes above and beyond his expectations at the wash. Would MOST definitely suggest he get a raise 😉 if y’all want y’all car washed for cheap go to car spa I 100% recommend.

Alexis P / Orange Park FL

I have been a loyal customer of Car Spa every since I moved to the area back in 2003. They have been very consistent in their work and customer service.

Dymond Williams / Farmers Branch TX

I always get great service here. My favorite car wash. It is worth the wait.

Lynette Hart / Norco CA

These guys are fantastic! Fast and very thorough! I will not be changing my own oil now!!

Shawn Hughes / Houston TX

I’ve had my vehicle washed her several times never no complaints they do a good thorough wash and never a long wait.

Kevin Hinton / Houston TX

Love this place. I have a monthly pass and they do a great job every time.

Jay Surina / Plano TX

They cleaned the car very well. Management was able to fix any issues I had with it and provided great service!

Danial Sims / Roswell GA

I do love coming here, the employees are very helpful and there car always looks amazing after they’re done.

Ryan Renard / Farmers Branch TX

Great staff and amazing results I love getting my car washed here they do so good it really is worth every penny and very affordable.

John Povilonis / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

Staff give a nice rinse and scrub before your vehicle enters the wash. The mechanical wash is much stronger than others and does a great job. Vacuums are strong, free, and easy to use. Colored lights add some fun to the wash.

Rebecca Martinez / Northampton VA

I’m liking this place more and more! Get you vehicle washed and cleaned for a good price and can come back with your receipt in 2 days and get a free wash only, extra for cleaning inside.

Guy Barnett / Webster TX

Great customer service. Good results. I do car wash and oil change both at this location. They do a good job.

Kelly Byrne / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

They are doing a fantastic job on my car which is in need of some major TLC. My busy lifestyle causes me to neglect getting a good car wash. When I saw just the exterior wash, it looked like a brand new car. I fell in love with my vehicle again.

Elon Bomani / Riverdale GA

Fantastic place to get your car cleaned and detailed! I received the best customer service from all the folks there. The managers Rafic and Michael made my day even better! My go to place from now on. If I could put 10 stars instead of 5, I would!

Bjorn A / Allen TX

I’ve been bringing my car here since it opened. They’ve always done an excellent job on both the interior and exterior. One also waits in comfort!! Staff are always courteous and friendly.

Del Halstead-Nussloch / Roswell GA

Wow! I had such a great experience here! I’ve never been to a car wash or “car spa” like this before! I had amazing service! Everyone was knowledgeable and kind and very helpful! I felt like the price for what I received was a steal of a deal!

Elisa Davidsen / Marietta GA

These guys are awesome and friendly. Especially the guys at the detail job done marvelous job and took care of each and every detail. I m so satisfied for the money and would recommend this service.

Krishna Keerty / Webster TX

I got the car wash + shampoo inside and they did a wonderful job! I drove away very happy with the effort put in as well as the results. Will definitely go back!

Hanson Turner / Marietta GA

The staff was very friendly and gave me an honest recommendation for what service I should get, without upselling. The work was done quickly, well, and at a good price – excellent business!

R Paul Johnston / Webster TX

My car hadn’t been washed in quite awhile and I even had rust forming on my alloy wheels. I wasn’t expecting the excellent detail that was performed on my interior at the price I paid and they somehow got my rims to look like new. Very satisfied with the service and price!

Winter Ross / Farmers Branch TX

Got my vehicle detailed here. They cleaned out the car very well, all cracks and crevasses are good as new and the leather feels/smells fresh again. Very pleased with cost and service.

Joe Baumann / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

Really good service and fast. Very nice waiting room with kids area and, or tables of you want to read or have coffee.

David Pittman / Norco CA

Great staff. Go every week! A loyal customer here 🙂 member of their car wash club. Clean facilities and great staff!

Jeremy Elder / Farmers Branch TX

Love this car wash. Great machines and the vacuums are always working at 110%. One nice touch is that they have drying towels. I LOVE THAT!

Raul Machuca / Garland TX

I went here with a filthy car and purchased the super clean detail. The waiting area inside is very nice and has complementary coffee. Not only did my car look amazing and brand-new, but the wait time was very short and the results were outstanding.

Summer Medows / Roswell GA

Monthly plans that give you more washes for your money, free vacuuming and glass cleaning. Man I love this place!

Margie Herndon / Garland TX

My car looks absolutely stunning, it looks brand new. The amount of time they take is definitely worth the wait when you see the final outcome. The staff was so friendly and nice I love my car it’s so clean it shines.

Lizzeth Mijares / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

If you love a nice looking car than you will love this place. They are always fast and very knowledgeable about how to keep your car looking nice and new. Great customer service and never a wait. I definitely recommend this place.

Kimberly Tatom / Holland & Lynnhaven VA

Great place with great service and friendly staff, supervisors and management. I have the unlimited monthly plan so I am there all the time. Always happy with the results! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Mitch Cast / Jacksonville FL

I’ve been a regular here for months now since I signed up for the monthly membership. I really appreciate the professionalism and attentiveness of the staff. They are always kind helpful and knowledgeable.

Horace Daniel / Marietta GA

Great experience and value – my go-to car wash spot. Always a quick experience. I appreciate the free vacuums and power wash for floor mats. Great customer service.

Lael Moreland / Northampton VA

Car Spa brought my car back to life. I got my car detailed here, and they did a fantastic job. My car looked nearly new. While I waited, I was able to relax in a comfortable lounge where you can buy snacks and wait on your car.

Tekia Hamilton / Jacksonville FL

Everyone was awesome! Amazing service! Vehicle looks better than ever! Definitely recommend!

Karon Lairy / Dallas TX

Awesome place! They have a package where your car gets a full service exterior wash and they condition your leather seats and shampoo the carpets. 10/10 experience for me.

Fahad Khan / Dallas TX

I have been coming here for about 15 years. At least once a week. My ride is always sharp looking.

Laure Dockery Keen / Jacksonville FL

I would recommend this place to anyone in the area. I pass 4 to 7 car wash places on my to get here, but I keep coming back here because the service. Everyone is nice here and they are very professional.

Omar D'Elia / Houston TX

Great car wash service and more. They do allow pets in the lobby which is a big plus for me. The staff is friendly, and they help whenever they can. The also have reasonable wait times for whatever service you ate requesting.

Keekee Kyrie / Riverdale GA

I have been visiting this place for more than 10 years and I consistently have good experience with them.

Batuk Patel / Plano TX

I love this car wash. Everyone is courteous and works hard. My car sparkles after every wash!

Lisa Wilkerson / Northampton VA

This is an excellent car wash. I was very impressed.

Aaron Harris / Midtown Houston TX

I recently got the car wash membership at Car Spa, and Steve the manager has always made sure I was pleased with service. They all do a great job!!

Rosilyn Shepherd / Houston TX

Very good clean and safe place with plenty of great people they really know their business.

Larry Hill / Riverdale GA

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