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Excellence Through Success

Car Spa is an equal opportunity employer. We also offer many competitive benefits to our team members. We provide our salaried employees with health insurance, including medical, dental, and vision. Also, we provide plans for life insurance, short-term disability, and long-term disability. Hospital indemnities are also available.

You’ll also receive outstanding perks from our company. All employees receive a free car wash and great discounts on oil change services.

All applicants must possess a valid driver’s license. Additionally, team members must undergo a background check and drug testing. Upper management positions are salaried plus a bonus.

Please note: If you are applying for a management position, then you must include a resume with your application. If you don’t submit the required documentation, then you will not be considered for a position.

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Car Wash Careers

Do you enjoy working closely with the public in a customer service profession? At Car Spa, you’ll interact daily with the public to make sure every client is satisfied and happy. Here are some of our top careers in our car wash facilities:

This administrator manages multiple Car Spa centers. These professionals also handle the wash, lube, fuel, emissions, windshield repair, and retailing departments depending on the locat

The professional oversees the vehicle flow and production in car wash operations. The employee also recruits and hires staff.

This worker implements car wash quality standards and establishes customer satisfaction.

This executive provides feedback and coaching to maintain employee standards and improve performance.

This person performs detail services such as polish, carpet, shampoo, seat treatment, and interior super cleaning.

Explains recommended car wash offerings to customers.

Follow standardized work processes for all car wash vehicles, and the ability to perform standardized work for driver-side and passenger-side of all vehicles.

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Oil Change Careers

Are you a mechanic who loves working with automobiles, then consider becoming a member of our oil change career. These are positions available in our oil change centers:

These professionals recruit, hire, and train all Express Oil Change Specialists, according to Car Spa’s certification process. They also establish compliance with OSHA and EPA standards.

These professionals train all Express Oil Change Specialists according to the Car Spa Certification Process.

These employees perform upper and lower bay standardized work for all services offered in the Express Oil Change Center. They also follow safety rules and procedures according to OSHA and Car Spa Policies.

These professionals perform emissions testing on vehicles. Applicants must be a state-certified emissions tester in the state you’re applying in.

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