Have you ever put off getting your car’s oil changed? Maybe you forgot or just didn’t feel like taking the time to go to the shop? Well, having the oil changed for your car is essential to keeping your vehicle in good condition.

It’s not uncommon for car owners to wait too long to get an oil change, yet by doing so, they risk having significant mechanical problems developing down the road. No pun intended.

Oil is vital in maintaining the internal components of the engine and must be changed on a schedule based on mileage. Let’s discuss what happens when you wait too long to get an oil change.

How Does Engine Oil Work?

In order to fully understand why it’s critical to keep up-to-date with oil changes, you first need to understand what engine oil actually does. The combustible engine is an assembly of pistons that act as plugs. These plugs move within the cylinder and are connected to the crankshaft via connecting rods. 

As combustion takes place, the energy created is used to move these internal components. Due to the forces involved, a lubricant is used to reduce friction and absorb the heat emitted during the engine’s operation.

Since the combustion process is incredibly taxing, engine oil breaks down over time, losing its ability to lubricate and perform heat absorption. Thus, oil needs to be changed at specific intervals to maintain optimal protection for your engine.

How Often Should Engine Oil Be Changed?

Engines have a variety of requirements when it comes to how often their oil should be changed. Yet, most automotive engines operate best when their oil is changed at 3000-mile intervals. Manufacturers of cars and trucks sometimes recommend a longer cycle of 5000 to 6000 miles, and certain synthetic oils can maintain performance even longer. 

That said, oil degradation is influenced by many factors such as driving habits, length of trips, temperature extremes, and more.

What Happens if You Don’t Get Your Oil Changed?

If you wait too long to get your oil changed, you risk running into serious mechanical problems with your car’s engine. Since oil is a lubricant, protection against friction and heat during the combustion process is reduced once it begins to break down. This places additional stress on the engine’s internal parts leading to a loss of performance and, in worst-case scenarios, premature failure. 

Damages to your car can range anywhere from the loss of efficiency and power to a blown head gasket or seized engine. The longer you wait to change the oil, the higher risk you run of having a critical mechanical failure leading to a complete engine replacement or purchasing a new vehicle altogether.

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