Bugs. As soon as the weather begins to warm up here, they are everywhere. Big ones, little ones, all equally annoying, especially when you find their remains cemented to the front of your car. Like a badly burned dinner pan, insect residue can be a real pain to chisel off without damaging the finish on your vehicle.

Thankfully, there are some tried and true methods to ensure the safe removal all the pesky bugs and still keep your vehicle’s paint job intact.

Prevent it

The first step in controlling the bug situation is to stay on top of it. A few times a week, wipe down any problem areas. A microfiber or terry cloth towel and some warm water should do the trick and help to maintain any buildup between washes.

Protect it

Maintaining a clean exterior is key. Ensure that your car is washed on a regular basis, more during the ‘bug heavy’ times of the year. You may also need to use some elbow grease to really get the grime off your bumper, hood, and mirrors. A bug sponge–a sponge with a honeycomb cover that helps to get under any particles –works wonders.

You may also want to try a bug and tar remover specifically designed for car exteriors. Avoid using any harsh chemicals not approved for automobile paint –the last thing you’ll need is to rub the paint off your car while trying to rid it of bug gunk.

Keep it off

Regular wax jobs will help to deter insects from sticking to the paint. In addition, a thin layer of baby oil on your car’s hood and bumper will help bug residue wipe off a bit easier. Another preventative measure is having a deflector shield or protective screen installed on the front of your car –a bit pricey but there is less clean-up involved.

Although it’s impossible to avoid the inevitable bug goo on your car, there are ways to keep your car looking great. Be sure to follow the above measures for easier clean-up and maintenance and talk to your Car Spa car care professional for any additional questions you may have. We’re here to help!